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Train your brains to new level!

Brain Farmer is an engaging brain training game. It transforms an effective n-back working memory training method to a fun and appealing game. Brain Farmer helps to boost and maintain cognitive abilities that are important in school, work and daily life.

The idea of the game is to memorize the positions of the sequentially appearing farm animals and indicate if the current position of the animal matches the one that appeared n steps earlier in the sequence. Train your working memory progressively, unlock all levels and explore what animals live in the farm.

Children and elderly friendly - Spoken feedback and spoken guidance can be activated.

Download Brain Farmer for iPads

Master rational numbers!

Semideus game is designed to support the development of rational number knowledge. The game is based on recent findings on numerical development. The gameplay is founded on tasks that require working with number lines implemented as walkable platforms of a mountain.

The assessment of rational number knowledge is implemented seamlessly into the gameplay. Recent studies have shown that Semideus can reveal children's misconceptions about fractions and decimal numbers. The game is developed together with TUT Game Lab.

More information about the game at Semideus website

Boost team spirit and collaboration skills!

Team has to solve mind-blowing puzzles and help each other in order to proceed in the retro styled game world. The tight time limits make the collaboration and communication harder and the question is, can the team disarm the bomb, stole the secret documents or escape from the castle fast enough?